Shipping Information
Estimated Delivery Time
  • Estimated delivery time includes time taken to process all the items on your order as well as the actual delivery timeframe.
  • Processing time does not include weekends and public holidays.
  • Actual delivery timeframe may vary depending on public holiday etc of different regions and nations.
  • If more than one item is ordered, processing time for the order is determined by the item that takes the longest to be processed.
  • On most Resin related products such as Doll, Parts, and ETC, It usually take about 56 - 84 days to ship.
  • Non-Resin related products such as Wigs, Outfits, Eyes and ETC, It usually take about 3-5 days to ship.
Selecting shipping method and region
  • Only EMS (or EMS premium in some countries) is available as shipping method. It is safe and inexpensive way of shipping compared to other shipping methods.
  • Shipping fee depends on the Zone of the destination, and is charged per order placed in.
  • In Step 1 [Select Shipping Company], select EMS on the bottom of Shopping Cart page.
  • In Step 2 [Select Zone], select the Zone in which your country is located in. Shipping price will be automatically calculated.
  • Angelheim office is situated in Korea, and the 4 Zones are set according to the EMS policy. The list may change as it is subjected to EMS shipping policy.
  • If your country is not listed in one of the four zones, it means that the shipping is not possible by EMS. Please contact the administrator for inquiries. Note: alternative shipping method (eg. EMS Premium) is used which costs more than EMS.
Customs and Duties
  • Withdoll is not responsible for customs and duty of different countries. In some cases items must be declared, and depending on the country customs duties may need to be paid. Please find out about customs and duty of your country beforehand, and if you have any requests, do notify us when you place your order in.
  • We are not responsible for any problems arising from the customers' requests regarding customs.