Swan lake - Ina
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These heads are litte bigger than former heads.  



Bird-shaped hair accessory is made of white colored resin. This is examples of drawing





Click here to view Skin Color Comparison 

Click here to view 16cm doll pose test (video)

Click here to view 16cm body shot





Limited Edition


This limited edition is sold for a limited period of time only.

This sale ends Apr. 27.

If the sales of the product exceed our estimates,

This item could be sold out before the end of the sale period. 







We offer a bird-shaped hair accessory.

(Not Painted Item)





Shooting Information


- Skin Color : Cream White Skin

- Eyes : Enchanted Doll / 16 mm / Milky eyes / no.32

- Wig : For My Doll / 7-8" / FMDM-1078 / Sweet Milk

- Clothing : Choker, Top, Skirt, Stocking

- Ballet Shoes

- Neuter Body w. Ballet Hands







- Neuter Body is not available. You can choose basic boy or girl body.

- If you want the ballet hands in the picture, please add the ballet hands option.







- Ina Head

- Withdoll 16 cm Boy or Girl Body
- Basic Hands
- Fist Hands 

- Basic Flat Feet
- Acrylic Eyes 16 mm (Random color)
- Doll Box
- Certificate





Options for,


- Make Up

- Wig : For My Doll / 7-8" / FMDM-1078 / Sweet Milk

- Clothing : Choker, Top, Skirt, Stocking

- Ballet Shoes

- Ballet Hands

- Glass eyes in the pictures are not for sale.



Size Specifications


- Height  16cm
- Weight  90g
- Head  14.5cm around
- Neck  4.5cm around
- Shoulder  4cm
- Chest  9cm around
- Waist  9cm around
- Heap  10cm around
- Leg  6.5cm
- Feet  2.2cm





Order Information 

- Please be advised and careful about that her face up, blushing, or painting has possibility to be peeled off depending on users conditions.
- Shipping period will be about 10 weeks and if you go with options, then it will require 2 more weeks.
- If you use layaway, shipping period will be about 8 weeks from from full payment date. 
- The pictures shoot outside will look a little different from its own skin color because of its various lights.
- Please be advised that Skin Colors may look different from your monitor set up. 

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[BWD] Swan Lake / White Swan Alexa

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