[KWD/LKWD] Hanbok Set for Girl
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Limited Edition


This limited edition is sold for a limited period of time only.

Sale ends Oct. 12 and sale period can be adjusted according to the sales.







Modernized Hanbok (Flower Dress, Skirt, Hat)

* Hanbok is Korean traditional dress.

- Color : Red / Navy

- Size : KWD / LKWD (Difference of the sleeve length)





 Options for,

-  Beoseon (Traditional Korean Socks) : Bok-Dam-Un-Bim / USD

 - kkotsin (Traditional Korean Shoes) : Bok-Dam-Un-Bim / USD / Red






- Shipping period will be about 10 weeks and if you go with options, then it will require 2 more weeks.
- If you use layaway, shipping period will be about 8 weeks from full payment date.   





Refund & Change


Once order-receiving period is over, refund or change can be never accepted.

Order-receiving period is 7days from the order date.

Please consider deeply before placing order.


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[KWD/LKWD] Gabby (嘉庇)

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