[BWD] Big Head Penguin Pooky
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The 2023 version of Skin has significantly improved UV protection compared to the previous version





Limited Edition 
This limited edition is sold for a limited period of time only.
Sale ends Apr. 25 and sale period can be adjusted according to the sales. 


Shooting Information

- Skin Color : Light Rose White Skin 

- Eyes : Enchanted Doll / Pearl-Sweety Eyes/ 14mm / 49 

- Wig : For My Doll / S (6-7") / FMDS-1096 / Deep Grey 

- Penguin Costume : Withdoll / Hooded Jumpsuit & Muffler 

- Beanie : Withdoll 

- Earmuffs : Withdoll 

- Penguin Feet (These items were made of yellow colored resin.)  
- Pooky Head (Big Head Version 6-7")
- Withdoll BWD Body
- Basic Hands
- Fist Hands 
- Doll Box
- Certificate
Options for,
- Fake-up  

- Wig : For My Doll / S (6-7") / FMDS-1096 / Deep Grey 

- Penguin Costume : Withdoll / Hooded Jumpsuit, Muffler, Beanie, Earmuffs

- Option Parts : Penguin Feet, Fish-shaped Pastry

* Eyes in the pictures are not for sale.
Size Specifications
- Height  17.5cm (BWD Body / Same body as 16cm BWD doll) 

- Weight  90g
- Head  14.5cm around
- Neck  4.5cm around
- Shoulder  4cm
- Chest  9cm around
- Waist  9cm around
- Heap  10cm around
- Leg  6.5cm
- Feet  2.2cm
- Shipping period will be about 10 weeks and if you go with options, then it will require 2 more weeks.
- If you use layaway, shipping period will be about 8 weeks from full payment date.  
Refund & Change
Once order-receiving period is over, refund or change can be never accepted.
Order-receiving period is 7days from the order date.
Please consider deeply before placing order.
- All product will be made with the highest quality sunscreen regardless of skin type.
- Normal skin was changed at the requests of the customers. The new skin is more yellowish than old one. (4/15/2019)
-  We offer same fake-up like the promo picture, but it can be slightly different due to the skin color you choose.
- Please be advised and careful about that face up, blushing, or painting has possibility to be peeled off depending on users conditions.
- We do not remove parting lines because there can be a color difference.
- Little speck and small bubbles are not considered as a problem.
- In case of dark skin dolls, there can be gate marks on shoulders, wrist, ankles and etc.
- If a doll is exposed to light (sunlight or indoor light) for a long time skin can turn yellow so please avoid any kind of light.
- The pictures shoot outside will look a little different from its own skin color because of its various lights.
- Please be advised that Skin Colors may look different from your monitor set up.  

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