[SWD] Ian
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The 2023 version of skin has significantly improved UV protection compared to the previous version


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Shooting Information


- Skin Type : Normal Skin

- Wig : 8" 

- Eyes : 14mm







- Face Up 

- Wig, eyes, clothing and shoes are not for sale.







- Ian Head   

- 2022 Ver. SWD 67cm Boy Body 
- Two Pair of Hands
- A Pair of Feet

- Doll Box
- Certificate





Size Specifications


- Height: 67 cm
- Neck Circumference: 10.1 cm
- Chest Circumference: 28.5 cm
- Shoulder Width:  16.5 cm
- Shoulder to Wrist: 19 cm 
- Elbow to Wrist: 9 cm
- Wrist Circumference: 6 cm
- Waist Circumference: 21 cm
- Hip Circumference: 27.6 cm
- Thigh Circumference : 16 cm
- Calf Circumference : 11.5 cm
- Hip to Knee: 14.5 cm
- Knee to Ankle: 17.5 cm
- Ankle Circumference: 8.2 cm
- Feet Length: 7.7 cm

- Feet Width: 3.2 cm


* Most SD17 (65 cm) outfits fit well. Please refer to the actual size when purchasing clothes from other companies.





- Shipping period will be about 10 weeks and if you go with options, then it will require 2 more weeks.
- If you use layaway, shipping period will be about 8 weeks from full payment date.   
Refund & Change 
Once order-receiving period is over, refund or change can be never accepted.
Order-receiving period is 7days from the order date. 
Please consider deeply before placing order.
- All product will be made with the highest quality sunscreen regardless of skin type.
Normal skin was changed at the requests of the customers. The new skin is more yellowish than old one. (4/15/2019)
-  We offer same fake-up like the promo picture, but it can be slightly different due to the skin color you choose.
- Please be advised and careful about that face up, blushing, or painting has possibility to be peeled off depending on users conditions. 
- We do not remove parting lines because there can be a color difference.
- Little speck and small bubbles are not considered as a problem.
- In case of dark skin dolls, there can be gate marks on shoulders, wrist, ankles and etc.
- If a doll is exposed to light (sunlight or indoor light) for a long time skin can turn yellow so please avoid any kind of light.
- The pictures shoot outside will look a little different from its own skin color because of its various lights.
- Please be advised that Skin Colors may look different from your monitor set up.   




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[SWD/Boy] Ian Head

[SWD] Ian

Product Details | Related Products | Product Q's    
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